7 Health Benefits Of Sharing Your Bedroom With Your Dog – New Study!


As dog lovers, this seems to confirm what we already think, but as a someone who doesn’t have a dog, this might seem little crazy at first. I mean sharing your clean comfy bed with your dog?

Seeing a dog all curled up is cute, all snug and cozy as their owners sleep soundly, but what about muddy paws, dog hair, ticks, fleas and then you think, would YOU?

Not all us dog owners like to sleep with our beloved pets and that is, of course, understandable, however, having your four-pawed friend next to us at night does actually make us feel much safer and secure!

So here it is the new research:

The benefits of sleeping with your dog

150 dog owners were studied from the center for sleep medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona, it found that there were some exciting conclusions from the results for all us animal lovers.

Out of the people who were in the study around 55 percent said that shared a bed with their dog or cat, and out of these people, there was around 40 percent that said that the animals helped them to sleep better.

This was because the animals were making their owners feel more secure with their pets next to them, I suppose its a bit like in a pack when the animal takes the role of lookout with their superior senses!

The definitive reasons it’s better to sleep with your pet next to you

#1 Reduces both Stress and Anxiety

Evidence shows that dogs reduce stress, For example, ‘therapy dogs’ are use the world over to reduce stress and anxiety. Just being near to your dog is enough to make you feel relaxed and calm.

#2 Feeling Safe and Secure

That feeling of safety is your trusted pet beside you, we have all heard the stories of both cats and dogs saving their owners lives by waking them in the night when there has been a problem, and in fact, saved their lives in the process.

This feeling of protection is well founded and gives us the confidence to go into a deep sleep and truly relax and be peaceful. Your lovely pet and their superior senses will watch out and protect you as you sleep…

#3 Keeping you Cozy and Warm

Our faithful dogs love to lie on top of us, and its a real feeling of comfort, also your four-pawed friend will radiate warmth and really keep you warm especially on cold nights and long winter months.

#4 It’s Good for Your Dog too!

It’s not just you that feels better, to have your dog lay next to you, the dog too really appreciates being there right next to you. Your dog loves you above all others in the world, so having him with you really helps hos life too.

#5 Helps You Get to Sleep

It turns out that the study shows that the feeling you get from your dog will also help you to sleep better, like a release from the stress of being alert, as your dog is being alert for you.

#6 Reduces Your Likelihood to be Depressed

Dogs, as even us non-dog lovers know give unconditional love, they are our rocks, so is you are likey to or you do suffer from depression then close proximity to your dog will really have a powerful effect on how you feel for the better!

#7 Offers Us Comfort

A big squeeze from a friend means that you feel in a better mood before you fall asleep and hence a much more restful harmonious sleep because of this state of mind you had when you went to bed.

If you are a dog owner who doesn’t let your dog sleep in your bed, will you now?

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Maybe you may even go out and get a dog now, but if you do remember that a dog is not just for bedtime he is for life!

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