Signs Of A Stroke You Must Know, Save Someone’s Life!


Science is always moving forward, and each time it does we learn more that can help us, in fact, scientists have determined that there is a new indicator to look for. So spread the word to as many as you can, you may even help save someone’s life!

Amazingly your tongue can warn you about a stroke and even help you prevent it.

Let me tell you a storey about Jane:

Jane had a fall while she was at a family gathering, but in any case, she wasn’t feeling quite right at the time. She claimed that her new shoes were, in fact, the reason she stumbled.

Jane seemed to be fine for the rest of the evening, but that wasn’t the case, he husband called all the family that night to tell them that Jane was taken to the hospital and dies/

Jane had suffered a stroke earlier that day, the doctors explained, it was hard to comprehend that had happened after Jane looked so healthy and normal. But very often people don’t recognise the symptoms of a stroke, and why this article can help you and many others that don’t know.

A very experienced neurologist said that a stroke can present itself by symptoms that can be reversed within three hours if medics act fast, but first, the stroke has to be recognised and diagnosed.

How to successfully recognise a stroke?

You can simply recognize a stroke by asking three questions:

S  – Ask them to SMILE

T  – Ask them to TALK – say a simple sentence

R  – Ask them to RAISE BOTH HANDS

If the person is unable to do any of these things, call 911, and describe what’s happening.

ALSOask them to stick out their tongue!

As the person to stick out their tongue, if they can’t do it, or if their tongue is not normal in its movement from one side to the other then you could be with someone who is having a stroke.

Share this with as many people as you can, and you could be responsible for saving someone’s life!.

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